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To copy files on a single disk system you use an /S switch with the COPY command. From the instructions in the Apricot Software Microsoft Pack "Always specify the directory if copying to the same filename. Files may only be copied to a subdirectory if a subdirectory of the same name exists on the source disk. If wildcards are used (* and ?) only the first file matched will be copied."

To copy disks in a single disk system you use the DISKCOPY command. Reading the instructions from the Apricot Software Microsoft Pack, "For single drive copying leave out the drive options, ie just use the command DISKCOPY. You are then prompted to insert the disks at the appropriate time. DISKCOPY waits for you to press a key before continuing. After copying, DISKCOPY prompts: Copy complete Copy another (Y/N)?

The disk to be copied to must be formatted before you use DISKCOPY."