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       I regret to announce that this web page might disappear suddenly in the next few days. The place where the page is hosted isn't getting my money anymore, so we'll see what happens. You might try to find it on a search engine again in a few weeks if I end up getting it hosted somewhere else. Good luck with your DTR-1s. 10-01-00
       David Jeter of Surplus Technology Group sent me a message about a large stock of DTR-1s and DTR-1 accessories that he wants to liquidate. I also found this page on his web site with prices for DTR-1 stuff. 07-17-00
       Jim sent in a link to a DTR-1 message board he created. 05-11-00
       Several people have now wrote in that the http://dtr1.home.ml.org/ address is now dead. Evidently ml.org has stopped providing forwarding services. For now, stick with this address. Oh yeah, and Happy New Year! 01-03-00
       The Unofficial Dauphin DTR-1 Home Page is now four years old. Not much happening in the DTR-1 world, but I'm still interested in any modifications or upgrades people have successfully completed. Please do NOT email me asking me if anyone has sent in more information. When I get more information I will post it on the page. Thanks. 12-20-99
       Scott Page writes "I have 10 new DTR-1s for sale. They have 6mb of ram an math coprocessors. If you know of anyone who maybe interested I can be reached by email @ spage@orednet.org or telephone 541 673-0632." 01-14-99
       Well, this is the third anniversary of the Unofficial Dauphin DTR-1 Home Page! Happy Holidays to everyone, and don't drink and drive! 12-20-98
       Keep an eye out for a move sometime soon...as soon as I find a place to move it to. I'm afraid it won't be accessable 24/7 if I put it on my home machine....and I haven't found much else in the way of a suitable place to put it...I'll do my best to keep it up. 04-15-98
       I really don't have the time or interest to answer e-mails right now, however you may keep sending them. If you bug me enough you'll probably get a response. Not that I'm encouraging that :) I will also be moving the page soon if everything goes right. The page will always be accessable at http://dtr1.home.ml.org/. I'll be moving it off my personal account to somewhere new, maybe even my home machine. I'm sick of it taking up all my disk quota. If anyone can give me a shell and 10mb of disk space I will move it there, and vouch to work on it more often. I can't stand ftp-only www accounts :) Thanks, and have a good Feburary :P 02-01-98
       Happy New Year!!! I just bought 6 HP Kittyhawk Drives for $14.95 a piece from Allelec. They are selling 20mb drives for $7.95 also (as novelty items). Get your own here. I have not yet tested the drives but they are in electrostatic bags and appear to work.. It may be possible to build an external cable for this drive. 01-07-98
       Happy 2nd Birthday to The Unoffical Dauphin DTR-1 Home Page!!!! 12-20-97
       Scalding news: Dauphin has released a new pen computer with speeds up to 233mhz MMX. I have been unable to confirm this (I can't seem to connect to their site), but several people have reported it, so it seems newsworthy. 11-29-97


       HOT NEWS!!!! Platinum Upgrades, Inc. has DTR-1 upgrades! They have memory, co-processors, and up to 4.1gig hard drives! WOW! I'll have to check these guys out! =) Thanks Chris Choy! Check out his Pocket Computer Museum! Other stuff: I talked to Mark Janda from Dauphin. He said that Dynadrives and 8hr batteries are not available anymore. Service is still available and you can get DTR-1 tech support at support@dauphintech.com. Added a file about fixing a cracked DTR-1 pen in the docs section. 11/29/97
       New information in Docs section -- Possible repair solution for cracked pen ends. 10/19/97
       I forgot to mention....Surplus Technology is now at: http://www.surplustech.com/. However, they do not appear to mention the DTR-1 anywhere on their website. 10/12/97
       More News: A new DTR-1 Software Utilities Diskette (v3.0) is now available as well as a price-list (text version) for Dauphin Accessories! 10/09/97
       Hi! I'm back! News from Dauphin's Paul Bunnell: The correct address/phone for Dauphin is: 800 E Northwest Hwy, Suite 950, Palatine, IL 60067 - Phone: Sales 847-358-4406, Tech Support 847-358-4406. 10/09/97
       Compu-logic is no longer selling DTR-2s. Please contact Dauphin directly. 02/26/97
       Just got back from a vacation, folks. Sorry about the lack of updates. Anyway, I added another rumor about where to get the external HDD connector that the Dauphin uses, and one about making an external hard drive work. Also another pic of the external hard drive connector. 02/24/97
       Compu-logic is selling DTR-2s and accessories, and Dauphin will provide online tech support when their web page is completed. Added rumor about Math Coprocessor Upgrade. 02/10/97
       Added another rumor about the Laserline CD carrying-case as a replacement for the DTR-1 case. Thanks jaynh@ix.netcom.com! 02/03/97
       New Info about DTR-1 CPU Upgrade to 50 or 66mhz! Wow! 01/28/97
       Now you can view this page in piglatin!!! 01/26/97
       Did it again folks. Added two more rumors, links to reading news with dejanews (which has alt.support.dauphin) and a document about making an external battery charger (read: excellent fire starter -- use with caution). 01/25/97
       Tossed in a couple of new links, including two on a flash-disk compatible with the HP kittyhawk, one more email I got, and added the first two rumors! A rumor is any small confirmed or unconfirmed fact that you want to share with the Dauphin user community. Send them on in to toby@eskimo.com with subject "DTR-1 RUMOR". 01/24/97
       Did a big update today. Added a link to Univbe, 6 more text files, and some other junk. 01/19/97
       Happy Birthday! The DTR-1 Web Page is 1 year old today! 12/20/96
       Dauphin has a web page!!!! Click here for details! 12/15/96
       I have completely redone this page!!!! I will be adding more graphics and CSIMs soon. Enjoy! 12/15/96
       Please read the disclaimer before using or attempting any information on this page. 12/15/96